Every Service Provider at Barberella Salon works on a Level System based on education, experience and performance.  As a stylist moves up the levels and achieves performance based promotions their prices increase slightly, this is why different stylist are at different prices for similar services.  The level system accomplishes two main goals.  The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various needs. Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs and their budget.This is why our menus have price ranges for services

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Whether they’re new to the industry or new to our salon, our stylists receive at least one year of our in-depth associate training program, personally taught by top stylists at Barberella Salon. During this training period, they are assisting and learning from higher level stylists in order to advance their skills, improve speed, and learn specific Barberella Salon techniques. Once having completed the training program, associates are promoted to Level 1 Stylists (New Talent) and can start servicing guests.

Not sure which stylist would be a good fit for you? Our Guest Services team will do it’s absolute best to recommend stylists to meet your needs. One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that every member of our salon team is ready to welcome you and make your visit with us exceed your expectations.